Why is Studying Abroad Important for Teenagers?

Mon 21 Mar 2022

Why is Studying Abroad Important for Teenagers?

In today’s global interconnectedness, travelling and studying abroad has become a popular option for many teenagers worldwide. This unique opportunity fosters the environment to become well-rounded individuals and successful professionals in an increasingly diverse global society. Although it can seem like a daunting challenge, stepping out of one’s comfort zone to study abroad brings immense benefits to young people who are searching for their identity and their place in the world.

1. Experiencing a New Culture

Studying abroad encourages you to immerse yourself into a new culture and appreciate other people’s perspective and way of living. It teaches you to become more independent, to overcome challenges and to problem solve in a different country, and to gain a greater understanding of the world around you. Relying on yourself to face your challenges is guaranteed to boost your self-confidence and to improve your communication skills. Studying and living abroad for an extended period of time not only fosters individual development, but it also equips you with invaluable professional qualities that modern global businesses are looking for.

2. Making New Friends

No matter what school or university you find yourself at around the world, you can be assured that there will be other young people around you in a similar position. When you study abroad, you have a unique opportunity to make friends from all kinds of different cultures and you will naturally widen your circle of friends. Figuring out life together in a different culture creates a special friendship and bond that will often last a lifetime. You will be in a privileged position to learn about your friends' culture and customs and you will develop a greater empathy for the world around you.

3. Career Opportunities

Studying abroad means that you will naturally develop a circle of friends from around the world with whom you will spend most of your time studying, travelling and socialising. In an increasingly global employment market, it is beneficial to have points of contact in various countries around the world. Furthermore, once you start making friends from different cultures, it becomes second nature and you will continue to develop an international network of friends and connections.

4. Outstanding Education

When it comes to choosing where to study abroad, the opportunities are endless. The UK, the USA and Australia are often the most popular choices for international students as English is their universal language, and their education systems are highly regarded around the world. Many international students choose the UK as their destination as universities across the UK consistently perform well in world university rankings and they also hold the reputation for top-quality education and leading research. Alongside developing English language skills, academic knowledge and study skills, a degree or diploma awarded by a UK higher education body will be recognised internationally.

5. Cultivating Cultural Intelligence

With increased connectivity and global collaboration across companies today, there is one quality that makes effective leaders stand out from the crowd to become great influencers. Showing interest, confidence and drive to adapt cross-culturally enables individuals to work in a positive and compassionate way with people from around the world, making them invaluable resources for global companies.

Culturally intelligent leaders are effective communicators and they are motivated by experiencing new cultures, and adapting quickly to new situations. Spending time at summer school abroad is the perfect way to grow your confidence and start cultivating your cultural intelligence.

Why Choose illuminate Cambridge

Cambridge, with its unique blend of old and new architectural styles, its rich historical and cultural heritage, and its unparalleled educational reputation is the ideal place to study as an international student. The University of Cambridge remains one of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions in the world, and students and visitors flock here every year.

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