What are the benefits of a summer school?

Tue 12 Oct 2021

What are the benefits of a summer school?

Summer schools are well-established and popular, particularly amongst high school and secondary students who want to broaden their intellectual horizons and prepare for the coming semester. 

Reasons why many students choose to enroll in a summer school

Summer schools are intensive academic programs that immerse students in their chosen subject for a short period. They generally take place over the summer vacation, in a boarding school, high school, or university environment, and combine academic work with entertaining day trips and extracurricular activities. Some of the most prestigious programs offer learning abroad in cities steeped in culture, making that a cornerstone of their curriculum.

To prepare for the new semester, many students choose a summer program to enhance their academic performance and topic understanding. Summer schools broaden students’ horizons significantly, enabling them to discover what or where they might want to study at university, while living in a different location with new friends.

Let’s take a look at some aspects of a summer program abroad, and how the illuminate program delivers these benefits in unique and exciting ways.

Refine your skills in a particular subject area 

Summer schools are an excellent way of brushing up your knowledge and understanding of a particular area of interest. Extra weeks spent studying English, History or Maths can be an incredible step towards improving school grades in these areas. illuminate offers the opportunity to explore a series of lively academic themes, including history, politics and oracy, devised by our Oxbridge-educated course leaders

Study a topic that isn't offered in school

Summer programs also give students the opportunity to gain exposure to subjects they may not ordinarily have access to. Not every school offers every course you may be interested in; for example, many wouldn't offer 16th century history, international relations or classical civilization. illuminate’s specialised summer program is the perfect way to immerse yourself in subjects taught by highly qualified tutors who will share their subject expertise during 15 hours of interactive, engaging classroom teaching per week.

To enhance English skills

One of the most common reasons students enroll in a summer school program is to improve their academic skills. Exposure to different teaching methods and different learning experiences helps students to develop their research skills, academic writing and their ability to communicate or persuade. Oracy – the ability to express yourself and structure your thoughts so they make sense to others - is offered as part of the illuminate program.

To make the next semester a little more straightforward

If you’re new to the subjects you have planned for the coming academic year, enrolling in a summer school program abroad will assist you in familiarising yourself with these subject areas before the academic year starts - a great way to get a head start when you return to school. On the illuminate program, you’ll learn in an inspiring and nurturing British summer school setting, working alongside friends in small seminar groups.

To focus on one particular subject

It can be challenging for students still in secondary school and high school to have the time to delve into the area they are most enthusiastic about and choose whether or not they should explore it further at university and beyond.

One of the best things about summer school is that it will allow you to concentrate on one subject at a time, enabling you to dive deeper into the areas that interest you the most. 

If you join the illuminate program, you will receive a certificate of completion and a personalised letter of recommendation which will outline how you have engaged with all aspects of our UK summer school experience.

Being able to demonstrate to a university admissions advisor that you used your summer vacation to study your chosen subject in depth reflects the sort of dedication and strong sense of commitment that will allow your application to shine.

To recover from summer learning loss

Summer setback, also known as summer learning loss, occurs when students return to school following their summer vacations with a lower academic level than they had after they left at the end of the previous academic year. Many students lack access to their academic routine and materials over the summer, preventing them from progressing. Therefore, during the summer, these students typically take a total break from studying, resulting in a loss of previously gained knowledge and a drop in educational outcomes.

Attending an academic summer school, where you will devote time each day immersed in interesting seminars, 1:1 tutorials, and a stimulating calendar of cultural activities, is one of the most efficient strategies to minimise summer learning loss, and even bolster your existing knowledge in several areas.

The illuminate summer course will enable you to engage yourself in one or more areas of focus, led by expert tutors skilled in motivating and inspiring students. Beyond the classroom, your learning will come to life through a series of carefully curated educational and cultural visits.

Stand out from the crowd

Getting into elite universities and places of employment is more challenging than ever in today's increasingly competitive environment.

Students, unsurprisingly, are always looking for new ways of standing out from the crowd and gaining a place on their preferred university program.

The application process to highly competitive courses offers limited opportunities for a student to shine, either in their written application or in their interview. So, how can students make themselves truly distinctive from other applicants? 

Students frequently utilise summer programs abroad to exhibit their enthusiasm for studying their chosen topic, since potential institutions seek students who are dedicated to learning, are adaptable to varied and diverse environments, and can reveal that they will devote themselves to their course with rigour.

Illuminate offers you a UK summer course with a long-lasting legacy, nurturing knowledge skills and independence, and preparing you to pursue your aspirations with confidence and drive.

Broadening horizons

Taking part in an international summer school entails more than simply academic programs and self-guided learning. These specialised programs provide considerably more diverse opportunities and the chance to live abroad and away from home to learn independence, form bonds with other students from around the world, and learn to grow into a well-rounded global citizen of the world.

Going to a summer school in another country will also broaden your horizons by allowing you to see how other students live and learn. 

Illuminate is all about creating magical moments that spark your intellectual curiosity, and encouraging you to reflect on how you can effect change in your own community and impact society in the future. 

Why choose illuminate Cambridge?

The illuminate Cambridge summer school program will motivate and support our students to develop the knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary to achieve their full potential in their personal and professional lives, and to become happy, confident, and successful individuals in a global, competitive, and rapidly changing world.

Beyond the classroom, learning will come to life through a series of carefully curated educational and cultural visits. Our exclusive program offers the experience of a lifetime and is limited to a maximum of 90 students each year to ensure that our students receive an unparalleled educational experience.

Join us at illuminate Cambridge summer program for a two-week academic and cultural experience where we will explore history, politics, international relations and oracy while discovering the hidden treasures of Cambridge along the way.

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