The Unseen Benefits of a Cambridge Summer School

Thu 31 Mar 2022

The Unseen Benefits of a Cambridge Summer School

Summer schools have been in existence for many years and they are especially popular with secondary and high school students all over the world. Summer schools, or summer courses, typically run for two weeks and they take place during the summer months within a boarding school, high school or university setting to provide students with an authentic experience of what it is like to be a residential student, and giving them the opportunity to explore subject areas they are passionate about or they need help with.

Summer Schools Abroad

Most summer schools are designed to help students improve their academic foundations and help them develop new skill sets for the future. What sets summer schools abroad apart is that they combine high quality, focussed academic studies with exciting, topical day trips and extracurricular activities to broaden the students’ horizons and provide them with life-enriching experiences in a new country. Summer courses take place all over the world, but the UK has always been a popular destination for young people.

Studying in Cambridge

When it comes to studying abroad, it doesn’t come much better than studying in Cambridge in the UK. With its world-renowned academic pedigree, rich cultural and historical heritage, vibrant student life and its ideal proximity to London, Cambridge is the perfect place to study, and a popular summer school destination for many students. You will be able to step off the tourist track with behind the scenes’ museum visits, get an inside peek into Cambridge University life and soak up the city’s captivating 800-year rich history.

1. Brush Up On Your Communication Skills

Research shows that attending extra curricular summer activities in a different country not only improves students’ native language skills but it also markedly develops their communications skills. Our St Mary’s illuminate Cambridge summer course has been meticulously devised by our Oxbridge educated team to maximise our students’ potential.

Our seminar groups are small, friendly and always engaging and they are led by inspirational expert tutors who encourage healthy debates and help develop students’ oracy skills in a safe and respectful environment. Coupled with this, our students have amazing opportunities to visit places of great historical debates and oracy, such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Houses of Parliament in London, where they will bring their learning to life.

2. Learn From the Experts

Cambridge is steeped in history and its buildings and universities have housed some of the world’s greatest minds from Charles Darwin to Stephen Hawking, and from Rosalind Franklin to Sir David Attenborough, just to name a few. By attending summer school in a different country helps young people discover an authentic university experience where they can learn from the best.

Whether you are looking for advancing subject knowledge, or exploring subject options for the future, our illuminate Oxbridge educated tutors are experts in their field, and students will have the privilege to experience the academic excellence of their world-leading university teaching methods.  

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

Studying abroad can seem like a daunting prospect but the benefits are immeasurable and the experience is life-enriching and often transformative. During their time away, young people often gain clarity on where to study in the future, or set out on a career path. They not only gain independence by exploring a new culture, but they also increase their self-confidence and their empathy for the world around them, all of which will boost their employability and help them stand out from the crowd.

4. Get That Certificate

A certificate from a summer course abroad is a great addition to any further education application, and it is an invaluable resource on a CV as it boosts employability. Evidence of gaining a studying abroad experience demonstrates transferable skills, dedication, a great level of maturity and self-awareness to prospective universities and employers. At the end of two unfrogettable, awe-inspiring weeks at illuminate Cambridge, students will collect their prestigious certificates and personal letter of recommendation from our course leader .

5. Expand Your Horizons

Attending our illuminate Cambridge summer school is an experience of a life-time. Our courses and tutorials are about creating magical moments that spark intellectual curiosity and they leave a long lasting legacy in our students.

Being an international student and attending a summer school in a different country will expand your horizons, and it will give you insight into a new culture and a greater empathy for the world around you. You will learn and appreciate how others think and live as you navigate your way through this life transforming experience. You will be challenged and inspired, and you will gain independence by living away from home surrounded by new friends and our friendly tutors and on-course staff.

To secure your place on our inspiring illuminate Cambridge summer course this year, please apply here.  


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