Combatting Learning Loss: How a Cambridge Summer School Can Close the Learning Gap

Thu 21 Apr 2022

Combatting Learning Loss: How a Cambridge Summer School Can Close the Learning Gap

With the recent worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, many students find themselves in the difficult position of having to make up for lost learning time and quickly bridge the gap in their knowledge in many subject areas.

Summer schools have always been a useful tool to boost students’ education and to bring them up to their expected subject levels.

However, research shows that a two-week, intensive summer school program abroad not only combats learning loss successfully, but it often becomes a life transforming experience for young people, setting them up for a brighter future.

What is Learning Loss?

Learning loss is usually described in the context of a summer setback when students return to school after their summer holidays at a more diminished academic level than they left at the end of the previous academic year.

This is a completely natural process, and many students use summer schools or summer programs to bolster their education during the summer months.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added extra pressure on students having to make up for lost instructional learning time, and summer programs offer an invaluable lifeline to many young people.

The Purpose of Summer Schools

Summer schools play an important role in accelerating students’ learning and improving their subject understanding and academic foundations.

However, summer school programs also play a critical role in young people’s socio-emotional development, in fostering a healthy and supportive environment to grow and to develop essential skills for their future.

“The 6 C’s of Education”

The nature of the global job market is rapidly changing, and students coming through the higher education system today need a far more complex set of skills than perhaps their parents needed a generation ago.

It is widely acknowledged that students learn best when education is active, when they are allowed to question, to reflect and experiment, and through meaningful interactions and peer collaboration, they are able to discover and draw their own conclusions.

Educators have coined this skills based-approach as ‘the 6 Cs’ of education.

‘The 6 Cs’ are:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Communication
  3. Content
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Creative innovation
  6. Confidence

Summer schools abroad are ideally positioned to hone these skills in a non-pressured and fun environment for students.

Summer School Experience Abroad

When students apply for summer school abroad, they have a number of different reasons why they want to travel.

Some wish to improve their academic foundations and brush up on their subject knowledge for the new term. While others would like to broaden their horizons by experiencing a new culture, and experimenting with the idea of studying abroad at university.

Why Choose to Study in Cambridge?

Attending a summer school in Cambridge has far-reaching benefits for young people. It does so much more than closing the learning gap. It sets students up with life skills that are highly sought after by universities and employers worldwide.

As far as studying abroad goes, it doesn't get much better than Cambridge. With its bustling student life, incredibly rich cultural and historical heritage, it is no wonder that Cambridge, in England, tops the list for one of the most desirable university cities to study in the world.

Summer School for Girls

Our illuminate Cambridge summer study abroad program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for girls aged 13-17.

St Mary’s School offers a nurturing and inclusive environment where girls can connect, form lasting friendships and cultivate important skills for their future.

On top of world-class academic lessons delivered by our passionate Oxbridge-educated staff, our summer school also offers young people an insight into the charming experience that exists uniquely in British boarding schools.

There are many invaluable benefits to joining our esteemed illuminate Cambridge summer program, but we have picked our top three favourites.

1. Build Self-Confidence

Whilst studying abroad is a thrilling experience, it can also, understandably, be a daunting prospect for many young people who haven’t travelled much before.

Taking part in a summer school abroad requires courage and determination but the rewards and benefits far outweigh any concerns you may have.

Living and studying in a new culture will build your self-esteem and independence, and you will also learn to overcome challenges in a caring and supportive environment.

By taking part in an all-girl summer school, you will be surrounded by like-minded students from around the world and gain insight into new cultures and form strong bonds in a safe environment.  

2. Become a Good Communicator

In a rapidly changing global economy, communication skills and the ability to be able to express yourself and convey your ideas is ranked as the most important skill by many employers today.

Furthermore, research shows that learning the skill to speak up for yourself and to express your feelings, directly leads to your overall wellbeing and happiness.

This is why at illuminate Cambridge we place great emphasis on teaching our students the art of oracy - how to communicate confidently and effectively in a competitive world.

Our stimulating academic lessons are paired with exciting field trips to bring our students’ learning to life and to teach them invaluable interpersonal skills that can help them excel in their future.

3. Cultivate Global Citizenship

Bringing young people of a similar age together from around the world breaks down social barriers and cultivates a culture of tolerance and respect. By being exposed to different cultures, traditions and customs at a younger age, students learn about the diversity of the world around them and broaden their horizons in a relaxed and fun environment.

Many students form strong bonds during their summer school experience and these friendships often last a lifetime.

Living and learning together with students from around the world teaches young people that we are all connected, and that the world becomes a richer place if we learn to live side by side harmoniously.

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We at St Mary’s School, Cambridge, are passionate about raising confident leaders, and preparing students to become effective communicators and well rounded global citizens in a competitive world.

Our illuminate Cambridge summer program is an exciting summer school experience for girls aged 13-17.

Not only does our summer course close the learning gap effectively, but it also offers a nurturing and inclusive environment where girls can connect, form lasting friendships and learn invaluable life skills in one of the world’s most prestigious university cities.

For an experience of a lifetime, apply today!

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