5 reasons why you should enroll your daughter on a summer school abroad

Tue 05 Oct 2021

5 reasons why you should enroll your daughter on a summer school abroad

Are you considering sending your daughter on a summer school overseas? It’s an exciting prospect, and supporting her as she starts to explore the world and extend her studies will be one of the most valuable gifts you can offer her.

We understand that the decision might not be straightforward. Knowing what a summer school is, what programs are available, and how your daughter might benefit from participating can help you make a more informed choice.

If you are still debating whether to enroll your daughter on a summer school abroad, consider the following benefits, which include educational, personal, and professional growth.

#1. Learn about a different culture

Studying abroad expands a child's horizons, as they experience the cultural and historic wonders of a country in person for the first time. Immersing themselves in the environment, and interacting with locals and tourists alike, gives them the opportunity to gain worldly knowledge, to identify with their peers around the world, and to mature into the adult they will soon become.

As well as this, being introduced to the international scene at an early age allows children to become acquainted with cultural diversity, broadening their minds and their understanding of the world. For instance, when visiting the UK, international students can participate in educational tours, enriching themselves with multicultural social events, and seeing a side of the country that tourists often miss.

#2. Expand employment opportunities

Not only is studying abroad an excellent way of expanding a child's perspective, but it can also enhance their employability. In an increasingly globalised society, many organisations are looking for international experience. Studying abroad demonstrates to employers that the applicant can quickly adjust to changing environments and is an adaptable and resilient candidate. 

The deeper awareness of cultural diversity which is gained from studying abroad is increasingly valuable in the workplace. Interviewers are more likely to select a candidate who can provide a fuller package, and those include the students who have had the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in summer school to real-world jobs and experiences in different cultures.

#3. Increase creativity and acquire new skills

A huge variety of study abroad programs is available to suit specific interests, such as sports, arts and language, but attending a summer school can be beneficial in and of itself.

Creative problem-solving and critical thinking are highly prized attributes, and are often cited as the two most important traits required in further education and the workplace. Engaging students in new enrichment activities and immersing them in learning outside the classroom allows them to analyze their education as it applies to the world around them and grow along with their knowledge.

More importantly, studying in another country allows children to try new learning methods that they would not be able to experience in a traditional school environment. Experiential learning is critical to helping learners overcome their fear of failure, often resulting in increased interest in learning as a lifestyle, and success in tackling challenging concepts.

#4. Improve interpersonal connection

Summer sessions allow for more interpersonal engagement due to the more focused teaching experience.  Participants tend to have fewer distractions and more time to absorb their learning than in a traditional classroom environment.

Beyond the academic gains, summer school can also build a child’s confidence as they begin to improve social skills by communicating with their teachers and other students in a more mature setting. Summer school can also be an invaluable option for students who are always on the go and never seem to have enough time to take all the courses they want or need. Summer program is all about enrichment, and the live, learn, grow experience of summer school is the foundation of personal and educational growth.

#5. Create a pathway for success

While some high school students are still a long way from college, it is never too early to begin to plan and develop skills that will benefit children well into their future. With that, it is important to set a course that prepares children not only for university but also for life as an adult.

Summer schools abroad offer experiences that provide perspective, excitement and growth. Students gain experience and engage their learning from new perspectives they might not have ever encountered otherwise, opening up their minds and broadening their horizons. They can also obtain a fresh outlook on education and their professional goals, developing their portfolios and career interests in a new setting, aiding them in their ongoing growth as a citizen of the world.

Study abroad in Cambridge

Devised with all of these factors in mind, illuminate offers your daughter a transformative Cambridge summer school experience, led by expert tutors skilled in motivating and inspiring students. 

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Beyond the classroom, learning will come to life through a series of carefully curated educational and cultural visits. Our exclusive program is limited to a maximum of 90 students each year to ensure that our students receive an unparalleled and enriching experience. You can apply for your place here.

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